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Catch the Cure 2018
Catch the Cure 2018
Catch the Cure 2018

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My Story

We've created this page - and work to make this annual event a community-wide celebration - because we're inspired by the breakthroughs being made by FAST, and we want to do our part by raising money to fund clinical trials for Angelman syndrome (AS).

We tried to get ourselves into the lab, because frankly, those coats are cool, but they said that just because we can name the elements of the periodic table doesn't mean we get to mix stuff together. Fine, we said, if you won't let us make the cure, we'll make it happen in another way, by having a big town party with ice cream sundaes and autographed Star Wars stuff then. And technically we can still wear lab coats. No one actually checks to see if you're qualified to wear them, so...

Come to Catch the Cure!:

Too far away, but still want to help?

FAST researchers know exactly what causes AS and have already cured it in the laboratory. Today, five therapy strategies are in development to treat Angelman syndrome. Your donation to our page helps fund all of them.

Please donate what you can. FAST is volunteer-run, organized by parents and friends of people who live with AS. We know them, have met them, are friends with them. They are real people putting themselves out there and still trying to feed the family something other than "pancakes again!" for every meal. (Pancakes are totally an acceptable meal though. And just so easy.)

Every single dollar counts and is appreciated! We receive firsthand accounts from the scientists working with FAST on how much this matters. They get teary. This matters to them. Our kids matter to them.

What else can you do? Learn about our kids, advocate for people to be included and to contribute, and please share - the more people that know about FAST, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing our page and letting every single person you've ever known or even just accepted as a friend on Facebook because you thought you maybe knew them and then never really bothered to delete, know this is a worthy cause.

Since AS is a rare disorder, we truly rely on the support of friends and family members to fund this groundbreaking research. We are doing this. We are sometimes in our pyjamas in public but we are doing this.

We know we ask you every year, but every year we really are closer to seeing a treatment in our lifetime and frankly we can only meet so many new friends to ask each year because of that whole pyjamas in public thing. I don't understand why that doesn't make me a more attractive friend. Ready to watch Beaches when you are!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support and for being awesome. We thank you so much!

** Please note that donations made to this site will be accepted as US $.

Thank You

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